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Before taking on this challenge with Tina, I had never worked out in a gym. I was even intimidated to use our home gym in our garage. In 6 weeks, I have become super comfortable with finding my way around our home gym equipment. I used to be afraid of working out by myself. Now, I get my lift in by myself and relax with a good podcast. I am very aware of what I put into my body. No food is bad food. However, I can choose to say," Not right now" to a food or beverage because I know whether it will fuel me to hit my goals faster or slow me down. Oh, and I never thought it would be possible to drink a gallon of water per day, let alone with all of this food I'm supposed to eat even on a calorie deficit. Guess what? It's totally possible and very doable! I have worked much harder to see far less results in the past. With Tina, I started seeing physical and mental results pretty much immediately!"
Sarah Bell
Vitamins! I haven't taken vitamins ever, but you've put me back on the path! Also the workouts. Small but effective. I've enjoyed them!
Bob Bell
First and foremost my butt hurts. That is because of tina having to kick me there when I get down. She knows the right things to say at the right time. Secondly, Tina is not judgmental. She takes what i give her and turns it around and makes it work for me.
Ed Kogler
PN Coaching has helped maintain consistency because of the structure and the systems in place. Educated me on the macros and how to track this--I really like the Daily Portion Tracking Sheet. I use this everyday.
Rose Angell-Gabriele
You have helped me gain back my confidence. You have helped me understand the importance of overall measurements not just the scale
Christine Furman
For years I have wanted to change my habits and get fit- from the inside out but have always had an excuse or been to afraid. Tina said “I’ll walk this journey with you, step by step” And that’s exactly what she has done. In a short period of time I am already transforming into the person I knew I could be!!
Claudia Conley
Coach Tina's coaching has taught me a whole new approach to eating healthy and meeting my weight loss and physical fitness goals. She has me focused on my goals and not being too hard on myself when I stumble, which we all do from time to time. She also has me focused not only on the big picture but also the little accomplishments that are moving me in the right direction towards my bigger goal.
John Johansen
Tina’s has helped me when I was really having a hard time with my food she took the time to help me to get through it. Thank you
Polly Tankersley
"After having some time to think about my response. I see where I'm making up excuses. How I'm trying like hell to hold on to business as usual..and expecting changes. Well. You can’t have changes when you are going to do the same exact thing. So, thank you for being my coach and mentor and not being a "yes" person or a "you're right" person when you know I'm BS-ing myself. LOL. Truly. You are asking the difficult questions. And are totally 100 percent right."

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