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We all know how important it is to move your body and get in regular exercise…. but life gets busy. Things pop up all of the time.

It’s all too easy to move your workout to “tomorrow.” And in reality, that’s what most of us end up doing.

FACT: Missing workouts and failing to follow through on commitments to yourself doesn’t feel very good.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There is a solution.

Inside you’ll find results-driven workouts that will fit into even the busiest schedule … and for ALL fitness levels!

$25 $10

If you’re looking to optimize your fitness & self-care, you’re in the right place.

The fact is, health & wellness is not a “set it and forget it” proposition. What your body & mind want – and need– changes at every age and stage of life.

Taking advantage of your strengths through the decades is smart. So is giving a little extra attention to areas that need some TLC.

$25 $10

I wish I had this guide early on in my own journey to better health and fitness! Hitting a plateau and getting “stuck” is something that’s happened to just about everyone I know.

The good news is that there are simple and easy strategies to help you BREAK THROUGH!

$25 $10

The problem: Finding the time and energy to create healthy weeknight meals that you actually want to eat.

The solution: Simple one-dish meals!

Inside, you’ll find a dozen recipes that will please the entire family, and will require just minutes of your time – both for prep AND for cleanup.

$25 $10

  • What you put IN your body,
  • What you put ON your body,
  • What you live with in your home,
  • What you feed your mind.

When you total it all together, it can be a lot for your system to handle.

Taking stock of your toxic load – and reducing it as much as possible – can be a major step in improving your wellness.

This guide will bring awareness around the toxins you may be exposed to, and help you reduce it wherever possible.

$25 $10

If you’re reading this, you’re likely just getting started, want to get started, or starting back up on your fitness journey!

Maybe you want to finally …

  • Feel confident going out with your friends
  • Have more energy to spend quality time with your family
  • Fit back into your “goal” jeans
  • Stop feeling breathless or fatigued after climbing a flight of stairs

Or perhaps it’s a combination of all the above.

Taking the first steps can feel a little overwhelming.

You might wonder if you are doing things the right way, or if what you’re doing is even going to work for you. On top of that, your brain may be playing tricks on you trying to talk you out of getting started in the first place!

You’re in the right place.

The Beginner Quick Start Exercise Guide will lay out the basics you need to know.

Crafted for Everyone!

Personal Coaching Programs

oWe customize your program to fit your needs. The 28-Day Transformation Program is designed to jumpstart your efforts with simplicity and easy to follow recipes, manuals, and exercises. The 12-Week Signature Program gives you everything you need to succeed in your blossoming healthy lifestyle: Unparalleled support from Coach Tina, mindset and habit change techniques, accountability, motivation, curriculum to build your knowledge and your confidence, and online exercise programs, which blend with your nutrition program. Continue building a solid foundation with our Level Up 6-Month Challenge and finish strong with our Fit and Healthy 12-Month Legacy Program.

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12 Week Signature Program

Don't struggle on your own. Get lasting results you never thought possible with expert nutrition coaching and accountability from Tina S. Myers

6 Month Challenge

Level Up is our second stage program and available to IDN clients who have completed their first 3 months successfully.

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Health benefits beyond weight loss.

My science-based coaching method does more than just teach you how to eat better. In the end, it won’t be just about what you lose, but what you’ll gain: knowledge, control, and the confidence that comes with knowing you’re capable of anything.

No more weird diets or unrealistic workouts.

You don’t have to go to extremes to get amazing results. I’ll help you achieve your goals without flipping your life upside down.

One-on-one coaching
done right.

No cookie-cutter programs here. I will create a personalized plan that’s tailored specifically to your goals, needs, and preferences. Personal coaching is finally affordable. And it just works. Why? Because I am committed to helping you get into the shape you want.

Easy-to-use online platform

You’ll start by telling me all about yourself, including your goals, health challenges, and daily routine. From there, I’ll customize your entire program and we’ll start the proven coaching process.

Simple practices and daily accountability

Every day, you’ll work on nutrition or lifestyle practice. Each practice will be customized to help you get the results you are looking for. We’ll work together to create and practice healthy habits across every aspect of your life, from sleep and stress-management to movement and mindfulness. These new habits will help you feel more calm, confident, and prepared for each day—no matter what life throws at you.

Personal coaching and detailed progress checking

I’ll check in with you frequently to see how you’re doing and to answer any questions you have. Also, you can message me whenever you need. The program also tracks everything from your measurements to your consistency, so you can see just how much progress you’ve made.

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