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Hey there! I'm Coach T, and I'm absolutely thrilled to have you here!

I am the founder and owner of Interior Design Nutrition, LLC, where I proudly serve as the one and only Mindset Mastery Diet Coach. My passion lies in helping individuals achieve their health objectives and goals through my proven Trifecta Transformation System.
My journey in the world of fitness and wellness started with my background as a nationally competitive bodybuilder. This experience taught me invaluable lessons in discipline, focus, and goal-setting, which I now apply to guide my clients on their transformative journeys.
As a NASM Physique & Bodybuilding Trainer and a Certified Nutrition Coach, I possess a deep understanding of the intricacies of the human body and nutrition. Additionally, I hold certifications in PNL1 (Precision Nutrition, Level 1), RHIT (Registered Health Information Technician), OTA2 (online training academy Level 2), Certified Success Principles Trainer, and Change Psychology Certified.
Having graduated from the Cornell Women’s Entrepreneur Certificate Program, I’ve honed my entrepreneurial skills, which come in handy when helping others juggle the various hats they wear while still managing their health and well-being effectively.
My primary focus is on empowering men and women aged 35 and above to shed excess weight, boost their energy levels, and reduce stress, all in the pursuit of reclaiming their vitality.
As a happily married mother, I understand the importance of superior time management skills and apply this knowledge to assist my clients in leading balanced, fulfilling lives.

Tina is the Owner of Interior Design Nutrition, LLC, Certified Nutrition Coach, PNL1, OTA2, Certified Success Principles Trainer. She helps men and women 35+ feel energetic again by losing weight without strict diet plans or sacrificing family time with hours in the gym.

As a competitive bodybuilder, she understands the drive, determination, and discipline it takes to motivate people to achieve their goals. As a happily married mother of one, she helps people juggle the many hats they have to wear with outstanding time management techniques and mindset shifts.

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Tina Myers Owner, CNC, PN1, OTAL2, RHIT

I’m Tina, a Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Online Trainer, Success Principles Trainer, competitive bodybuilder, wife, and mom. Most of my clients call me, Coach T.

I will motivate you, hold you accountable, and provide step-by-step actions for you to reach your health goals. With my knowledge and experience, I will ensure you get results that stick long term. Are you finally ready to kick all the band-aid solutions to the curb? (You’ll burn calories doing so!).

With my help, you will learn small, daily habits and lessons, which will lead you to lifelong habits leading to lifestyle change, to keep getting results, and improving as you get older. You CAN have it all: Get healthy, get strong, flexible meal planning, increased energy, less stress, improved sleep. Yep! We work on it all. I fully believe you can age in reverse.


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How I Help You

I make you lose unwanted weight

Look, we all want to be a perfect weight right? For health reasons, for confidence, and for feeling amazing naked. It's just human nature to want to be lean and sexy! I can make that happen for you. Together we will identify your perfect weight and we get you there!

I add sexy muscle to your body

Muscle drives weight loss and confidence. Did you know for every pound of perfectly placed and sculpted muscle you add to your body increases your metabolism? I like to think of myself as a Picasso in this department! I sculpt you.

I help you feel decades younger

"If only I could feel like I was ten years younger, Tina!" When I ask clients what they would pay to instantly be made 10 years younger the numbers would astound you. Well, We can do it for pennies on that number and in just a few months!

My Big Bold Promise To You!

Every member receives my 100% happiness guarantee – if you work with me for 14 days and you are not blown away with the program, I'll refund every penny and buy you dinner. That's how confident I am that I can change your life FOREVER!

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