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How I Help You

I make you lose unwanted weight

Look, we all want to be a perfect weight right? For health reasons, for confidence, and for feeling amazing naked. It's just human nature to want to be lean and sexy! I can make that happen for you. Together we will identify your perfect weight and we get you there!

I add sexy muscle to your body

Muscle drives weight loss and confidence. Did you know for every pound of perfectly placed and sculpted muscle you add to your body increases your metabolism? I like to think of myself as a Picasso in this department! I sculpt you.

I help you feel decades younger

"If only I could feel like I was ten years younger, Tina!" When I ask clients what they would pay to instantly be made 10 years younger the numbers would astound you. Well, We can do it for pennies on that number and in just a few months!

My Big Bold Promise To You!

Feeling stuck and like nothing’s working for you? Let's change that in 90 days.

Here’s the real talk: This isn’t just about changing how you look. It’s about transforming everything - your body, your mind, your whole vibe. Forget the endless tiredness, the confusion, and those diets that never stick. We’re here to help you smash through those blocks, tap into your unrealized potential, and start winning big in your health game.

With a plan tailored just for you - from what you eat to how you move and tackle those mental barriers - we’re all in on this journey with you. Ready to ditch the doubts and open up to what you really can do? In 90 days, you’ll be feeling stronger, looking fitter, and brimming with confidence. Time to flip the script on your life and be the you, you’ve always wanted to be. Let’s get started!

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