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What Actually Is a Plateau? If you’re reading this guide, you might have firsthand experience with the following scenario:

You’ve been working hard following a plan to help you lose weight – and you’ve been getting steady and consistent results.

And even better, you feel GREAT!

But then suddenly...

STUCK! All of your progress suddenly stops. The scale doesn’t budge, and it’s as if your body REFUSES to lose more weight.

You’ve hit a plateau.

It might feel more like a brick wall – and it’s blocking you from reaching your goals.

It’s frustrating, to say the least. And it’s also absolutely normal.

What Actually Is a Plateau?

Get back to the BASICS,

Mindset and


What exactly IS the SECRET?

The importance of using a QUALIFIED coach.

Meet the speaker

A Certified Nutrition Coach and Online Trainer

I’m Tina, a Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Online Trainer, Success Principles Trainer, competitive bodybuilder, wife, and mom. Most of my clients call me, Coach T.

I will motivate you, hold you accountable, and provide step-by-step actions for you to reach your health goals. With my knowledge and experience, I will ensure you get results that stick long term. Are you finally ready to kick all the band-aid solutions to the curb? (You’ll burn calories doing so!).

With my help, you will learn small, daily habits and lessons, which will lead you to lifelong habits leading to lifestyle change, to keep getting results, and improving as you get older. You CAN have it all: Get healthy, get strong, flexible meal planning, increased energy, less stress, improved sleep. Yep! We work on it all. I fully believe you can age in reverse.


Tina Myers

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May 3, 2021

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"For years I have wanted to change my habits and get fit- from the inside out but have always had an excuse or been to afraid. Tina said “I’ll walk this journey with you, step by step” And that’s exactly what she has done. In a short period of time I am already transforming into the person I knew I could be!!"

~C. Conley

"After having some time to think about my response. I see where I'm making up excuses. How I'm trying like hell to hold on to business as usual..and expecting changes. Well. You can’t have changes when you are going to do the same exact thing. So, thank you for being my coach and mentor and not being a "yes" person or a "you're right" person when you know I'm BS-ing myself. LOL. Truly. You are asking the difficult questions. And are totally 100 percent right."

~A. Jacobson

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